Posted by: wingstravel | October 12, 2012

Ambassador of Cancun

Ryan Christoff, Travel Consultant

So for those that know me, I’m pretty awesome and let people know that 😉  Just kidding!  I’m actually pretty humble and modest and rarely brag about myself.  But I thought the following was pretty cool….I was selected by one of our top Preferred Suppliers, Travel Impressions, to be an Ambassador of the Destination of Cancun!  Over 800 applications were submitted for 8 different Ambassador positions, and 96 (12 each from different regions of the US) were selected.  Of those 8, only 2 were destination Ambassadors, the remaining 6 were hotel chain Ambassadors.  I am one of 24 who will proudly represent their respective destinations for the next year!  Part of my duties will be to post a couple blogs and Facebook posts about Cancun, which for those that know me, will be great as I’ve been to the destination numerous times and enjoy traveling there each and every time, so I have lots to say about it!

As mentioned, Travel Impressions is one of our top Preferred Suppliers.  They provide excellent all inclusive, FIT and group packages.  Cancun is a big seller for them, and the agents here at Wings Travel take full advantage of their excellent customer service, package rates and great representatives!  Many of you have probably booked a vacation with me to Cancun using Travel Impressions, and can vouch for me first hand that TI does a great job!  They are available round the clock and are able to fix any problems that may arise. 

Cancun has always had a special meaning to me as it was the first international destination I visited.  The destination has so much to offer for everyone, including couples, families and singles!  From upscale full service resorts, to fun filled party places, Cancun has something for everyone! 

For those that have taken a vacation through me, they know they will receive 100% service and receive the best package that suits their every need!  I am honored to have been chosen as an Ambassador of Cancun, and look forward to reintroducing the destination to everyone! 

As your Cancun Ambassador for the next year, I have a dedicated month which is November 2012.  One of my perks for the month is I am able to offer you a $100 per booking Travel Impressions Future Travel Credit! This credit is valid if you first book through me to Cancun proper, and then you can look forward to using your future travel credit, before December 2013, on your next trip to one of the 8 Ambassador partners which include Cancun, Aruba, AMResorts, All Inclusive Hard Rock Hotels, Atlantis, Excellence Resorts, Palace Resorts and Le Blanc Spa Resort, and Sandals and Beaches Resorts.  So what are you waiting for!?  Let’s get planning and let me give you that $100 Future Travel Credit!

Adios for now!


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