Posted by: wingstravel | February 13, 2013

Share the Love at the Top 10 Most Romantic Destinations in Europe!

Whether you are in a new relationship, or keeping the fires burning in an established one, Europe has the destinations guaranteed to spark romance:

 Paris, France – The “City of Light” becomes the “City of Love” when you kiss someone at the Eiffel Tower.

Santorini, Greece – Sit shoulders brushing on a white stone wall gazing at one of the most famous sunsets in the world.

Savonlinna, Finland – Light a fire in your quiet lakeside cabin and enjoy views of soft white snow and birch trees. 

Venice, Italy – Climb on board a gondola and sink back into the arms of your lover as you glide past Renaissance architecture.

Bruges, Belgium – Hold hands admiring medieval buildings as you stroll the dreamlike, peaceful canals.

Reikjavik, Iceland – Get steamy at the Blue Lagoon geothermal springs.

Paxos, Greece – Hold onto to your sweetheart as you zoom past terraced olive groves and crystal clear seas on a motorbike.

Rome, Italy – Make a wish that your relationship will last forever as you toss a coin into the Trevi fountain together.

Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands – Admire the symbols of romance as you stroll the beautiful flower gardens.

Connemara, Ireland – Rent a horse and hold tight to your partner as you canter across the beach.

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