Posted by: wingstravel | April 16, 2013

Travel Insurance, A Travel Agent’s View

So many travelers may think, “why do I need travel insurance? I’m definitely going on this trip no matter what, so I won’t take it.” Well travelers, travel insurance is much much more than just “I’m going on this trip and I won’t need it”. There’s always the what if scernario. I constantly tell my clients this, and use the ask them the following questions… What if…you get sick with the flu? What if…there’s a storm in the area or near your destination, causing your flight to be delayed or cancelled? What if…a family member suddenly passes away? What if…you are injured in an international destination and incur hosptial costs to see a doctor and get x-rays, or worse? All of these are real things that could happen to anyone, at any given moment. We don’t like to think of these things. We want to think of our vacation as a getaway where we can relax and have fun. But, we always need to think of the what if, and that’s where travel insurance is a great comfort to have!

Let me give some personal experiences with clients of mine and the agencies, where travel insurance could have played, or did play a big factor. I had clients who were enjoying a great time on vacation in February in sunny Cancun. Back here in the Northeast US, a big snow storm was brewing. Turns out my clients flight was cancelled because their home airport was shutdown due to the snow. Well, my clients unexpectedly had to change their flight and get a hotel for the night. The hotel cost was not part of their package and had to be paid out of pocket. Now, since they took travel insurance with Travel Insured, their hotel was covered with the Trip Delay. Had they not taken this insurance, their out of pocket expenses would not have been covered.

Another example….a client of mine was enjoying a nice time in Punta Cana. It had recently rained and the walkways were a bit slippery. She ended up falling and severly sprained her ankle. She did not have the insurance, because she was one who thought, “I’m going on the trip no matter what, so I don’t need the insurance”. She ended up going to the ER and incurred those medical expenses. She was not reimbursed for those as she didn’t have the insurance.

Travel insurance is a very important aspect of everyone’s vacation. It’s a great comfort to have, just knowing if something does happen, you’re covered. The question I ask, is why wouldn’t you get travel insurance? A Vacation is an investment in yourself, an investment to unwind and relax and ejoy the world. Protect your investment with travel insurance. You’ll be thankful you did when the unexpected happens!

Ryan Christoff
Travel Consultant
Wings Travel Group
Blue Bell, PA

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